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[Update] Nerdy chauffeur seduced by his horny boss


[Update] Nerdy chauffeur seduced by his horny boss

Posted on 23 February 2012 by admin



Description: The main actor name and the chauffeur (Kang-oo) for a rich girl, she started out explaining to her chauffeur how to drive and etc. She complained alot about his driving while touching herself. She lead him to her house and soon to her bed. This is one naughty korean girl. She even toughed him while driving and he said “no, you must not” but she kept on touching his crotch.

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Ahjumma (Old woman / Auntie) Serie

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Ahjumma (Old woman / Auntie) Serie

Posted on 26 December 2011 by admin

Description: An ahjumma (old woman) offered a young boy to stay over her place for free (low rent) but in return he must do some favors. She would sometime watch her young tenant having sex with his girlfriend and get horny afterward. After a couple of days she got close to him and persuade him to have sex with her. He obviously doesn’t want to but he has no choice but to comply. He isn’t sure how to tell his girlfriend, and sometime his girlfriend would wonder and speculate what was wrong with her boyfriend. One day his girlfriend went over to his place but his landlord would not let him answer, he was asked to continue fucking her while she talks to his girlfriend. Weird…











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Actual rented / professional porn


Actual rented / professional porn

Posted on 15 December 2011 by admin

Descriptions: These are the porn I rented and uploaded, but there are some I got from a korean website that deals with porno clips.

Hopefully you will like them.






This is a video clip from a movie (Not sure what it is called in english), it deals with a beautiful mistress and an artist. He wrote some letters onto her skin and soon they got a bit naughty.






Same video extracted as above but this one is a bit more naughtier, it deals with a drummer and a dancer. She asked him to please her and fulfill her every needs.







This porno translated to something like “My childish boyfriend” the man in this video is a wimp, he likes to be dominated and even allowed her to touch him in public. He is a sweet guy I suppose because in the middle on the intercourse he asked “Is it okay? does it hurt”… very funny if you understand korean.






A bisexual threesome porno, beautiful korean guys fucking a non so beautiful korean chick lol.



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