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Ahjumma (Old woman / Auntie) Serie

Posted on 26 December 2011 by admin

Description: An ahjumma (old woman) offered a young boy to stay over her place for free (low rent) but in return he must do some favors. She would sometime watch her young tenant having sex with his girlfriend and get horny afterward. After a couple of days she got close to him and persuade him to have sex with her. He obviously doesn’t want to but he has no choice but to comply. He isn’t sure how to tell his girlfriend, and sometime his girlfriend would wonder and speculate what was wrong with her boyfriend. One day his girlfriend went over to his place but his landlord would not let him answer, he was asked to continue fucking her while she talks to his girlfriend. Weird…











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  1. Myatnoe Says:

    Dear Admin,

    I m no money to paid but i want this video so badly..
    Can I have the download link? Please.. I will always supports ya…

  2. Lee Jung shin Says:

    I want the Download link

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