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[Blog] NPNC가 뭔가요? What is NPNC? Internet Slang

  NPNC means No Picture No Chat, usually queer korean would upload their profile

[Album] SPEED – Superior Speed

스피드 – Superior Speed Release Date: 2013.01.15 Genre: Dance Pop Language: Korean Bit Rate:


Download Album Album Name:씨엔블루(CNBLUE) – Re∶BLUE Release Date:2013.01.14 Genre:Modern Rock Language:Korean Bit Rate:320kbps File

[Sub 7] Amateur Gay Korean Couple

Description: An amateur couple filmed their little rendezvous, the bottom is extremely obedient and

[Blog] Gay Bath House etiquette

Yes gay Bathhouses – Sauna exist! Even in a conservative country such as Korea.

[Sub 7] Seoul Subway Station Washroom

Two Korean men cruising at a subway station in Seoul. After they made eye

[Sub 7] Gay Korean Tourist in Thailand Pt 4

This video took place in Thailand with Korean men visiting a Gay thai Bath

[Sub 7] Uncensored masked Escapade

Description: So this is one of the video I received, and it is super

[Mini Album] Infinite H – Fly High

인피니트 H – Fly High [EP] Release Date: 2013.01.11 Genre: Hip Hop Language: Korean

[Free Video] Love at First Sight!

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