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[Mini Album] ZE:A Five – Voulez-vous

제아파이브(ZE:A Five) – Voulez-vous [EP] Release Date: 2013.03.25 Genre: Ballad, Pop Dance Language: Korean

[Mini Album] G.NA – Beautiful Kisses [4th Mini Album]

지나 – Beautiful Kisses Release Date: 2013.03.14 Genre: Dance Pop Language: Korean Bit Rate:

[Mini Album] Heo Young Saeng – Life [3rd Mini Album]

[EP] 허영생 – Life [3rd Mini Album] Release Date: 2013.03.14 Genre: Ballad, Dance Pop Language:

[Mini Album] Rania – Just Go [2nd Mini Album]

[EP] 라니아 – Just Go [Mini Album Vol. 2] Release Date: 2013.03.08 Genre: Dance

[Album] U-KISS – COLLAGE [VOL.3]

유키스 – COLLAGE [3rd Album] Release Date: 2013.03.08 Genre: Ballad, Dance Pop Language: Korean Bit

[Album] 2AM – One Spring Day [VOL. 2]

2AM – 어느 봄날 [2nd Album] Release Date: 2013.03.05 Genre: Ballad Language: Korean Bit

[Gay Korean Film] White Night 백야 영화 2012

  Description: Seoul, the present day, winter. On a one-night stopover in Seoul, Gang

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[Korean Movie] 남쪽으로 간다 (Going South) *ready soon*

Description: Ki-tae hands Joon-young coffee mixed with a sleeping pill. He heads south with

[Album] Teen Top – No.1 [VOL. 1]

틴 탑 (Teen Top) – No.1 [1st Full Album] Release Date: 2013.02.25 Genre: Dance Pop