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[Korean Video] Stateless Things 줄탁동시

Stateless things is composed of two stories, however I had to cut out the first one because it was taking up too much memory. The second story geared towards the gay audience. Hyun, a hustler and a kept-boy lived in a luxurious high-rise apartment for a wealthy businessman (Sung-hoon). Sung Hoon expects Hyun to be at his beck and call, and gets upset when Hyun refuse to answer his demand.Hyun received a phone call from a woman looking for her husband. Knowingly her husband is his lover, SungHoon.  Hyun not only feels oppressed but also devastated so he escape to a local Karaoke where he presumably worked as a hustler.

After Hyun went home, Sung-hoon question where he was, was he drinking alcohol and whom did he meet. Hyun gave a vague answer, angering Sung-hoon to the point of asking Hyun to leave. When Hyun started packing his bags, Sung-Hoon stopped him. Surprisingly Sung-hoon is madly in love with Hyun, however the relationship is an abusive one. If Hyun doesn’t obey, Sung Hoon would punished him. They reconciled at the end with a little love making. Sorry there’s no english subtitle but that’s pretty much the story.


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