Lost in Paradise / Hotboy nổi loạn [Viet]


Khoa, a naive, innocent 20 year old guy from the countryside arrives in Saigon to begin a new life. He is soon befriended by Dong, a handsome smooth talker who offers him a place to stay. When Khoa goes to check out Dong’s apartment, he discovers that there is another guy, Lam, living there too. The two guys who turn out to be boyfriends, steal all his cash and belongings and run away.

Lam, who then in turn is abandoned by Dong, returns to the street as a prostitute, while Khoa, disillusioned and left penniless, takes on menial jobs to survive. Later when Lam by chance meets Khoa again on the streets, he tries to make amends.Realizing that both are lonely, they thus begin a loving yet delicate relationship. However, one day Dong suddenly returns…

Meanwhile, Cuoi, a mentally handicapped man befriends a female prostitute. Her pimps do not approve of the friendship fearing that he is scaring away customers..

There’s not really a sex scene but highly exciting.