Answers to them questions!

Eric Moon • 8 days ago

1) Where in Canada are you based? Currently residing in Vancouver but I will be moving to …. 
2) Have you dated other Asian ethnicities? I’ve dated a Hong Kongnese dude from my highschool year but aside from that I prefer white / korean dudes. 
3) Would you say Korean men are much more superficial when picking a partner? Korean men are definitely more superficial, but older korean men…not so much lol. If you don’t have a six pack, most won’t even look at you. 

I’m a fan of your website! You should do more blog posts!


Hey, i’d just like to say thank you for uploading the vids, i’ve been looking forward to watching 백야 but I wasn’t in Korea when it came out I think? It came out in selected theatre about the same time I was in Korea [Summer 2012], I personally didn’t see it when it first came out. I believe it was shown at Jeonju or Busan film festival. Or some other film festival…can’t remember

My question is, were you in Korea last summer (2012)? cause I saw ur profile in Jack’d around my area for quite a long time. (I was in 강남/송파). I was in kangnam ONCE, for a haircut in cheongdamdong. I mainly resided in Shinchon / Hongdae for the summer. 

^Just a heads up in case someone 도용 your pictures. (Though that profile did say “stop using my pictures” in 3 languages LOL)

As a closeted Korean gay student in the States, your blog posts are really interesting to read! keep em coming