[Gay Korean Film] White Night 백야 영화 2012



Seoul, the present day, winter. On a one-night stopover in Seoul, Gang Won-gyu (Won Tae-hui), who lives in Germany and works as a steward on a German airline, meets his ex-lover Do-yun (Kim Hyeon-seong), whom he left two years ago. It’s Won-gyu’s first time back in the city since then. They go for a coffee, but Do-yun berates him for walking out and leaves. Later that night, Won-gyu hooks up with an on-line date, bike courier Lee Tae-jun (Lee I-gyeong), but Tae-jun gets annoyed that Won-gyu is only interested in quick sex and leaves the hotel room. Won-gyu goes after him and they have a drink in a bar in Jongno district. Won-gyu spots a guy, Kim Myeong-jin, who was one of those responsible for him being wounded in a homophobic assault two years ago and chases after him. (The incident, which came to court, led to Won-gyu being publically outed, to his father’s distress.) Won-gyu then goes to the pool-hall where it happened, intending to take revenge now the perpetrators are out of prison. Tae-jun goes with him, and afterwards the two of them walk and talk, trying to communicate.

Interesting facts:

Gang Won-gyu:

-Engaged or married to a 35 years old german man

-Works as a flight attendant

-Received a scar from an homophobic assault that reminds him of this day.