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jungjaejoong5 posted a comment

6 days ago

jin i just know cute gay short movie its Suddenly, Last Summer by Leesong Hee-il …. have you watch it?

~Yes I have seen “suddenly, Last Summer”, not the most interesting video. The storyline is pretty much about a teacher-obsessed boy who tries to get closer to his homeroom teacher. Depth-wise, it is pretty deep, I prefer my gay films to have at least a sex scene lol.



iancontre posted a comment

4 months ago

Hi…how can I contact you?

Ckoreanman@gmail.com, don’t bother asking whether I want to be your boyfriend or stupid silly questions.


xmenfan07 posted a comment

1 year ago

r you gay?

Let me get my boyfriend to answer that question for you…”Yess very much so”


Saphirre85 posted a comment


so question…. well two to be exact and one is a personal question based off the response to Stateless Things comment i wrote.

1: What exactly is the movie about. i watched and figured those two meet somehow and are living together but are they related in any way.

Here’s the personal one which you can choose not to answer. please don’t be offended or angry by this question.

2: Are you gay?

you said “we still use hyung not oppa for gays addressing their lovers”

p.s. i am in support of gays, and lesbians and bi.

1. They are not related. There isn’t really a background story behind how they met, but it is based on a wealthy business man providing the money, shelter to the young gentleman. You could say he is the suga daddy of the relationship however the businessman has two relationships. The businessman lives two lives, a heterosexual / homosexual life. Both are kept hidden from each other, this is a very common occurence in korea where gay men are forced to marry a woman for the sake of appeasing their parents.

2. I am gay.


firefliforeva posted a comment


Going South

Hi,I was just wondering, are you going to make the “Going South” video public again?
I really wanted to see it, so when I saw that you had posted it, I got excited. I put it on my “watch later” list but when I got back from uni, it was gone :(

If you aren’t going to open it up to viewing, then can you please let me know some other place to watch it?

Thank you very much :)

1. It is up~ click here to see it


nasri sarah posted a comment


white night , help

please upload ” white nigh” a korean gay movie please .

Please put some effort into writing… “white night” should be uploaded maybe this week.

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