[Korean Movie] 남쪽으로 간다 (Going South) *ready soon*


Ki-tae hands Joon-young coffee mixed with a sleeping pill. He heads south with Joon-young sleeps. When Joon-young wakes up the secret that they have kept slowly reveals itself.

Going South is a story about a man who kidnaps his former senior soldier who broke off contact after being discharged. It also views discrimination and prejudice against homosexuals in a critical view. The main characters Joon-young and Ki-tae met in the military but have broken up. Joon-young who was discharged earlier, adjusts to society by dating a girl and preparing for a job, but Ki-tae still has Joon-young on his mind. Eventually he gives Joon-young coffee with sleeping pills mixed in, and heads somewhere south with Joon-young sleeping next to him.
Going South is the most passionate among LEESONG’s 3-part queer series. He does not decorate the gay love with beautiful scenes. In a car that vibrates, in the woods where the wind shakes the trees, and in the mud before a dark tunnel, movement never lets the tension drop. Towards the end, the movie shows how powerful and desperate the love between men can be in a realistic way. The ending. where Joon-young exits the tunnel leaving behing a drunk Ki-tae dancing, is impressive. Combined with mysterious music, the scene leaves a strong impression.
Acting for the first time in his life, KIM Jae-heung (Ki-tae) said “It was very nerve racking to act for the first time and it required a lot of effort” adding that “the director was very scary during filming.” LEESONG Hee-il introduced his film Going South by saying that “It’s about the border that separates homosexuals and heterosexuals. I don’t think that sexual identity can simply be divided into two. It’s not that it’s divided into trans-sexual or bi-sexual. Actually this division is also very opportunistic. Society tends to clamp down people’s desire but sexual identity is somewhat of an amorphous flow. This film throws that question to heterosexuals.”
My Comments: First time watching this I thought Ki-Tae was a bit crazy, doing all he can to bring Joon-Young closer to him. In this film Joon-Young probably cussed 4-5 time calling Ki-Tae crazy, psycho and other derogatory terms. Joon-young obvioiusly was over Ki-Tae, but apparently Ki-Tae does not feel the same.
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