[Blog] Why Dating a Korean guy is Difficult…


Oh my Goodness, if you are dreaming of a life with a korean guy then you may have to rethink that. I had a 2 year relationship while I was doing my Undergrad at Suwon University. I was Out and proud which disgusted a couple of my classmates but a majority were okay. I attended “Gay-meetings” for students at Suwon University, and this is where I met one of my Ex-Partner. He was a typical tall Korean guy studying Business/accounting. Shy and did not want to socialize with other people, and being a Gyopo (Korean-american) I was incline to strike a conversation because I was more of a talker than a listener, so he was a perfect fit. We hung out throughout the semester and one day he asked me out while walking me to my apartment. We dated 6-7 months, we would spend a majority of our time in my apartment doing crazy things but aside from that our relationship was never publicized. I thought this was okay, but being with a closet gay man was much harder than I thought it would be. The only place we could be intimate was at my apartment, outside of my bedroom we were friends.

I want to hold hands, kiss and do cute things together even being discreet is alright… I know I would never meet his family and nor will our relationship advance to the next level. So I cheated on him. There was a english teacher (American Caucasian)  close in proximately to my apartment. We have always felt the urge to do things together but I told him I had a boyfriend at the time so he kept his distance for a while. One drunken night with a little bit of soju, I invited him over to my apartment for some midnight snack. I initiated the foreplay and he ended up spending the night at my apartment. We continued to exchange texts and phone calls. We were close…much closer than I ever felt with my boyfriend. I knew I would get caught at some point but that didn’t stop me.  I called my BF to have a chat and it lasted about 6 mins. Here is the translation of our conversation.

//intro stuff ie: how are you doing…

Me: Will I ever meet your friends?

Him: Why? You have a lot already.

Me: My mother is coming next month, I told her about you and our relationship. Would you like to meet her?

Him: I don’t think so… it would be uncomfortable.

Me: *annoyed* I cheated on you

Him: *Laugh* Are you serious?

Me: It is over *Walks off*