[Blog] Boys in Itaewon [Homo Hill]

Update: Sorry I’ve been busy, this week is a lunar new year so I’ve been travelling to see my family and friends. I will try to update a little bit more. New website will come up shortly!

The 411 on Itaewon 이태원

I believe there is a US army base there, I’ve driven past it and it would explain a lot about the different types of people who hang out there. Once you leave the station, you will enter into “little america”, somewhat ghetto but quite a fun place to be. Restrictions and boundaries are removed, you can be yourself, gay, straight, black, white or whatever you are. Yes this area also contains the red light district, you can hire escorts [female] to do your business in a little room. I also mistakenly entered a transgender bar and boy oh boy, I left as soon as possible.

The gay bars are situated in an Area called “Homo Hill”, I’ve never met a korean who used that term but a lot of foreigners seem to use it. It is a 7 min walk from the station. So a popular club is “Why Not” and a couple of more clubs right next to it. This was also where I met my first Scottish guy. *Wink*. Picking up other foreigners is a breeze lol. Gay koreans on the other hand was a challenge, most are probably way too good for you. Very pretentious guys who would only hang out with their possy, and if someone tries to enter, they immediately rejects him. There’s usually an uneven distribution of foreigners vs korean in each club, if one club is filled with korean, the other one beside it would be filled with exclusively foreigners. Koreans who hang out in a club with a majority of foreigners are much easier to talk to, and most often speaks english pretty well. Approach them as you would with other people. Now now…. the koreans who only exclusively hang out with other koreans are the one I would recommend to avoid. They expect a suave 6’3 man, with a great job and personality to magically hops into their life. These guys are usually dress to the TEE! great looking guys but horrible personalities. My american friend thought it would be easy to befriend one of these good looking guys and it went horribly wrong. “F**k off” said one of these korean guy, my friend was like “WTF”, all he said was hello. I hopped in to pull my friend away and out of nowhere I got hit with a punch by some random korean dude. Then it turned into a fist fight, we got reprimanded by the police because the other party said my friend and I were verbal abusing them. My friend couldn’t speak korean so it was me vs 3-4 other korean dudes. The police didn’t want to deal with a bunch of queer’s drama so they let us go pretty easily. I avoided Itaewon like a plague for a year or so until I got invited to a birthday party. The party was held at circuit club and it was fun. This time I was with my korean classmates and they showed me how to pick up boys.

1. Don’t approach the sleek looking guy sitting by himself talking to the bartender, usually the bartender is his friend and will kick you out of the club if his friend feels uncomfortable.

2. Do approach groups with an affinity towards foreigners, they are usually more open minded.

3. There’s usually a guy dancing by himself, approach him! Don’t try to make conversation, but give him subtle hints by bumping into him and invite him into your group.

4. Play drinking games to get close to him and then offer to take him home. At this point he will either say “I wanna have more fun” or “See you later”.

5. If you guys are compatible he will offer to come with you.