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2016! Returning to Korea + My Tumblr

Hey Fellow K-Boy Lovers, I will be returning to Korea for a quick trip

Quotes of the week!

tips for running faster 1) hot guy infront of you 2) creepy guy behind

Seeing this on some facebook profile?

All of a sudden I was bombarded with profiles bearing this image, so I

Things I did in Korea [Drink, Ski, Eat and Find Boys]

One of my army friend returned home for a 3 days vacation and this

Answers to them questions!

Eric Moon • 8 days ago 1) Where in Canada are you based? Currently residing in

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jungjaejoong5 posted a comment 6 days ago jin i just know cute gay short movie

[Blog] Bullying Awareness

At 1:20, he reminds us all what we heard growing up. At 2:07, we

[Blog] Gay South Korean finds peaceful refuge in Canada

Despite its economic progress South Korea remains hostile to homosexuals — so much so

[Blog] Love Motels for your one-night stander

In Korea, most if not all motels cater to couples. It is extremely strange for a

[Blog] Why Dating a Korean guy is Difficult…

  Oh my Goodness, if you are dreaming of a life with a korean